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We are super cool dudes and we make great work, I promise! 


Like any other couple in 2020, we met online. But once things started getting hot and heavy, we had to come together face to face.


We’ve gotten rapid fire experience working on a bunch of different accounts, from people food to dog food to dog shelters to a hearing health nonprofit, and more.


As juniors, we’ve already had opportunities to give creative direction while working as the lead creatives on a social launch campaign.


And we’ve got production experience too - directing VO and on-screen talent, supervising still and video shoots, and overseeing the edit process for a wide range of content.

Goodbye. Thank you. Look forward to working with you.

P.S. check out this cool side project we're working on below.

Ad Class 101

To help foster more underprivileged and minority talent in our industry, we're teaching an intro to advertising course at a local high school.

Check out the intro video and syllabus below.

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